Peter Greenberg Appointed Special Assistant to the International President for Trade and Globalization

IAM International President Brian Bryant has appointed Assistant Strategic Resources Director Peter Greenberg as Special Assistant to the International President for Trade and Globalization. Effective Jan. 1, this appointment reflects the IAM’s commitment to expanding its global role. Greenberg retains his current role as Assistant Strategic Resources Director.

Greenberg, formerly a Senior Research Economist, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Since joining the IAM’s staff in 2007 within the Strategic Resources Department, Greenberg has provided critical financial and economic analysis crucial for successful contract negotiations, effective lobbying, and impactful organizing efforts. 

The IAM’s Trade and Globalization Department contributes significantly to the IAM’s continued success in representing and advocating for its members worldwide. 

“Peter Greenberg’s appointment as Special Assistant to the International President for Trade and Globalization will increase our footprint and strengthen our ties in the global labor movement,” said IAM International President Brian Bryant. “He possesses both expertise and a deep commitment to the principles of the labor movement. Peter will do well in this new role as we ramp up our campaign to achieve a greater voice for unions and union members impacted by international trade accords.” 

Greenberg’s journey with the IAM began in 2000 when he joined IAM Local 2339-N in Newark, N.J., upon being hired at Continental Airlines. While working at Continental and serving as a local lodge officer, he pursued graduate studies at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., ultimately earning his MBA. Greenberg is the IAM’s representative to the Pride at Work executive board. 

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