Reggie Dixon Appointed Southern Territory Chief of Staff

IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has appointed IAM Grand Lodge Representative Reginald “Reggie” Dixon as Chief of Staff of the IAM Southern Territory, effective Nov. 1, 2023.

This appointment represents a significant milestone in Dixon’s dedicated career within the IAM and is a testament to his exceptional leadership and commitment to the organization.

Dixon’s IAM journey began in 2002 when he initiated into IAM Local 759 upon hiring on at the Jacksonville Transportation Authority. Starting at the ground level, Dixon’s determination and strong work ethic soon propelled him through the ranks. In 2007, he completed an apprenticeship program, earning the title of lead electronic technician.

Dixon’s dedication to the IAM was further evidenced by his service as president of IAM Local 759, a role he undertook in 2008. He continued to serve in this capacity for a decade, effectively representing and advocating for his fellow members. His commitment was unmistakable, and it was clear that he possessed the leadership qualities necessary to take on even greater responsibilities.

Reggie was appointed President and Directing Business Representative of District 112 in 2018. In this role, he played a vital part in shaping the future of the IAM Southern Territory. His tireless efforts and ability to connect with IAM members from all walks of life have impacted the organization.

“Reggie’s path from an apprentice at Jacksonville Transportation Authority to his new role as IAM Southern Territory Chief of Staff is a remarkable testament to the opportunities and growth that the IAM offers its members,” said Martinez. “His dedication and leadership abilities have shone brightly throughout his career, and I do not doubt that he will excel in this new position. Reggie represents the best of our union, and I look forward to his impact on the Southern Territory.”

“Reggie’s appointment as IAM Southern Territory Chief of Staff marks a new chapter in his career, as well as in the Southern Territory’s future,” said IAM Southern Territory Chief of Staff and incoming General Vice President Craig Martin. “I am excited about having his counsel in ensuring the well-being and success of IAM members in the Southern Territory for years to come.

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