Tell the Senate to Support Workers, Pressure Delta for Neutrality

IAM International President Brian Bryant just sent a strong letter to U.S. Senators urging them to sign on to Sen. Laphonza Butler’s letter to Delta CEO Ed Bastian calling for the company’s neutrality toward workers’ union organizing efforts.

Ask your senators to send a strong message of support to workers at Delta by signing on to Sen. Butler’s letter.

Sen. Butler’s letter asks Delta’s CEO to respect the voices of its employees by pledging not to interfere in any union organizing activities by adopting a neutrality agreement. 

A neutrality agreement consists of an employer agreeing not to engage in pre-election activities that influence workers’ freedom to form a union, and the letter emphasizes that a neutrality agreement is the bare minimum that Delta should meet to respect the rights of its employees.

Please join the IAM in asking your senators to support workers and urge Delta to stay neutral in the workers’ union organizing campaign.

Delta has a history of utilizing anti-union tactics and is again facing allegations of union-busting in response to this current organizing campaign.

The House Labor Caucus recently sent a similar letter to Delta Airlines that garnered over 150 members of Congress.  

All workers deserve to freely join a union without harassment and intimidation by their employer.

Tell your senators now by sending a prewritten email.

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