The Tennessee State Council of Machinists recently held its fall conference meeting in Nashville, Tenn. Approximately 40 delegates traveled to attend to discuss current state and federal legislative issues and be educated on what pro-labor topics are essential for IAM members to be made aware of on the shop floor. Tennessee State Council of Machinists President Ernie Epps oversaw the conference and had numerous speakers address the delegation. Some guest speakers were General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes, Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace, General Counsel Carla Siegel, and Southern Territory Chief of Staff Craig Martin.

On Friday, delegates partook in a training session with federal mediators to help them understand the negotiation process and deal with management. The members appreciated the mediators and their assistance with the instruction.

On Saturday afternoon, the delegates traveled to a nearby clay shoot event to have fun and raise charity dollars for Guide Dogs of America | Tender Loving Canines. The members broke into various teams, traveled around a 10-station course, and competed to see who the best shooter for the day would be. Overall, this was a fantastic event, giving the members a chance to have some solidarity and camaraderie with members from around the state. Tennessee IAM Members are always encouraged to get involved with their state councils.

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