Teressa Peart To Join IAM Law Committee at Grand Lodge Convention

IAM International President Brian Bryant, with Executive Council approval, has appointed IAM District 70 Secretary-Treasurer Teressa Peart to the IAM Law Committee.

The IAM Law Committee is responsible for collecting, reviewing, and proposing constitutional changes submitted to the 41st IAM Grand Lodge Convention, which will take place Sept. 1-6, 2024, in New York.

“Teressa will play a crucial role with the IAM Law Committee,” said Bryant. “Her ability to connect with the membership will help ensure members’ voices are heard.” 

As a radio and electrical engineer, Peart started her career in the IAM at Local 733 (now Local 774) at Beech Aircraft in 1998. Peart is a third-generation District 70 member who carries forward the legacy of her mother, grandfather, and grandmother, representing them and the many respected members she has met over the years.

Throughout her IAM career, Peart has held several local positions. She began as a union steward, advocating for the rights and welfare of her fellow workers. She served on various committees, contributing to the decision-making process and shaping the organization’s direction. In her roles as trustee and secretary-treasurer, she managed the organization’s financial affairs, ensuring its stability and growth. Currently, she is the Secretary-Treasurer of District 70, a role that allows her to witness the strength of the membership firsthand and contribute to the local community.

Teressa takes immense pride in her role as Secretary for the Veterans Services Steering Committee. In this role, she has been instrumental in organizing and leading initiatives to support and honor our veterans, reflecting her honor in serving the country as a U.S. Marine.

She also embraces the opportunity to mentor in the IAM Leadership Excellence Assembly of Dedicated Sisters (LEADS) program, a role in which she guides the next generation of leaders, sharing her knowledge and experience to help them succeed.

Peart has also led the charge on the annual Flags of Freedom event, a community service dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans.

“My appointment to the Law Committee and opportunity to serve the membership and delegates at the 41st Grand Law Convention is an honor I cherish deeply,” said Peart. “I am honored that IAM International President Bryant selected me, and I will work hard to make sure the members’ voices are heard.”

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