Texas Membership Makes Voices Heard at Fort Worth Committee on the Future Listening Session

IAM members came from across Texas to speak with IAM Committee on the Future members in three listening sessions held on July 25 at District 776 in Fort Worth.

The listening sessions were led by Committee on the Future members representing different levels of the Eastern Territory (local, district and grand lodge): District 60 Auditor/Local 635 Steward Amanda Andrew, Special Representative Tiwaan Bradley, and Grand Lodge Representative David Dimaria.

IAM Headquarters General Vice President Brian Bryant opened the session, introducing the Committee members and their mission.

“Convention delegates—elected by you, the membership—unanimously voted to form this committee to look at the entirety of our union,” said Bryant. “We know that to be successful, change must come from the bottom up. Our members have always driven this union, and the work of the Committee of the Future will continue that legacy.”

The Committee prompted members for their thoughts about the structure of the union, organizing, union-building, staffing, representation, engagement, community engagement, priorities to focus on, and more.

“We’re starting to notice some trends in the recommendations from members across listening session groups,” said Andrew. “The members are very passionate. They want to see our union thrive and grow, and they put a lot of thoughtful effort into helping us understand what needs to be done to make our union stronger. I’m excited to compile the results with the entire Committee on the Future and see what’s developed from all of this input.”

About 20 members attended each of the three sessions, and some were even able to stay for each session.

The IAM Committee on the Future is wrapping up its tour of listening sessions throughout the U.S. and Canada but will be opening online listening sessions that any member can join from anywhere. 

For information on the Committee on the Future and upcoming online listening sessions, click here.

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