Time Management Strategies in New Issue of IAM Educator!

Many workers feel as though they don’t have enough time in the day – almost half of the population to be exact. Not only do most workers have full-time jobs, but they have family, household, and other responsibilities outside of work as well. Some workers also have a lengthy list of responsibilities in their union. Sound like anybody you know?

The new IAM Educator delves into time management strategies for workers in a world where no one is ever really disconnected. This issue is available electronically, so it can be easily viewed and shared from any device. It is available in U.S. and Canadian English versions, French, and Spanish.

The “Time Management in a Time Without Boundaries” issue provides a useful list of digital tools that can help even the busiest among us organize our time and maybe even reclaim some of it. It also has tips for using basic time management strategies and setting boundaries to more clearly separate personal time and work time. 

More tips for stewards and other workers can be found in back issues of IAM Educator (2003-2017), accessible through the Winpisinger Center’s Members Only page. You can register for a Members Only account at this link. Please direct any questions or feedback about the IAM Educator to the Winpisinger Center

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