What started as a celebration ended in chaos when shots were fired at the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl parade, leaving one person dead and 22 others injured. In the aftermath of this tragic event, Vinny Ceraso, Assistant Director of the IAM Addiction Services Department, quickly traveled to the Kansas City area to provide support to IAM members and their families who may have been impacted by the traumatic incident.

Responding to critical incidents is one of the six services the IAM Retirees and Membership Assistance Department provides, at no cost, to IAM members and their families. They also have programs that assist with mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, disaster relief, retirees, and veterans.

While in town, Ceraso sat down with IAM Local 778 member Nate Spoor, who hosts the “411 on 778” podcast, to talk about these services and let the membership know that their union is here to help.

“I can’t reiterate this enough, all of these services are brought to you by the IAM,” said Ceraso. “If you are paying union dues, you and your family members are eligible for these benefits.”

Listen to Ceraso’s full interview.

To reach the IAM’s Employee Assistance Hotline, call 301-355-0735. 

For help with drug and alcohol addiction, contact the IAM Addiction Services Department at 888-250-4IAM (4426). 

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