Why Retirees Should Care About Employee Free Choice Act

George J. Kourpias, president of the Alliance for Retired Americans, is urging union retirees to contact their lawmakers and ask them to support the Employee Free Choice Act.  “Unions built the middle class. By standing together, we fought for and won better wages, health care and pensions and safety and respect on the job.  But much of what we achieved is crumbling in today’s troubled economy. Many of us worry that our children and grandchildren will not live as well as we have. More than ever, American workers need the good wages and benefits that they can best achieve through collective bargaining.”

As the former president of the Machinists union—and now as president of the Alliance for Retired Americans—there is no doubt in my mind that the fate of workers and retirees is undeniably linked.

Read more at the AFL-CIO Blog here.

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