IMF NewsBriefs – September 15, 2005 – Challenge of China


The Swedish Metalworkers’ Union has published a report on China, which provides an account of the current situation and suggests strategies for dealing with the challenges it presents.

SWEDEN: The Swedish Metalworkers’ Union, Svenska Metall, has published a report on China, entitled “The challenge of China – trade union and industrial perspectives”.

The report includes background information on China’s economic development, provides an analysis of the country today and discusses possible future directions. The report also documents the activities of Swedish enterprises in China and gives an account of Svenska Metall’s engagement with Chinese unions and workers.

“With this report, Svenska Metall would like to contribute to the ongoing discussion within the international trade union movement on how to react to the economic and political developments in China,” writes Lars Johnsson, international secretary of Svenska Metall.

The report is published in Swedish and English. Copies of the report can be downloaded as a pdf file from the IMF website.

Meanwhile, the IMF Working Party on China meets in Geneva on September 20 to prepare concrete proposals for the Executive Committee on how to implement the Declaration on China.

A copy of the Declaration on China can be found on the IMF website. [September 15, 2005]

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