Improved Offer Ends Strike at Ingersoll Rand in New York

IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn Tucker, Jr., addresses striking Ingersoll Rand workers in Cheektawoga, NY.

Members of IAM Local 330 who have been on strike at Ingersoll Rand in Cheektawoga, NY ratified an improved offer from the company this week. Workers at Ingersoll rejected an earlier offer after initially voting to strike early last month over a company proposed two-tier wage scale and an employee health insurance scheme that could potentially create dramatic increases to employee costs.

“The IAM Negotiating Committee and the company agreed to meet Tuesday to clarify several issues,” said District 65 Business Representative Pete Cooney. “We were successful in doing so, not only removing the two-tier wage system and benefits scheme, but also making positive changes to the mandatory overtime provision proposed by the company alleviating a major obstacle in settling the standoff. This was a tough one, but our members will go back to work, and continue to build quality products.”

The workers will return to work at midnight Sunday, September 21.

“Congratulations to District 65 DBR Jim Johnston, BR Pete Cooney and the Negotiating Committee,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. “The Local 330 Members can be proud of the brave stand they took for all workers across the state of New York. Their solidarity was the difference in the successful outcome in these negotiations.”

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