Incentive Program to Reward IAM Members at Boeing

A unique program designed to measure and reward performance in safety, quality and productivity will get underway on June 29 for 32,000 IAM members at Boeing facilities in Puget Sound, Portland and Wichita.

The incentive plan, dubbed the Aerospace Machinists Performance Program (AMPP), is a key feature of the four-year contract extension negotiated last year by Boeing and IAM Districts 751, W24 and 70. Details of the plan, which sets targets and measures progress annually, were crafted jointly by the IAM and Boeing.

“This incentive plan makes 32,000 IAM members at Boeing eligible for yearly bonuses of up to four percent of their gross wages,” said Aerospace GVP Mark Blondin. “IAM members have a deep interest and commitment in the success of Boeing. This program is designed to recognize and reward that commitment.”

AMPP is the newest of several incentive programs at Boeing that link a portion of pay to performance. While the structure of these plans varies by site and employee group, the AMPP is the only incentive plan for IAM-represented employees in Puget Sound, Portland and Wichita.

All employees eligible for AMPP will receive the same payout as a percentage of their earnings over the period being measured. Eligible employees include some from each of Boeing’s business units in the covered regions.

“This program is a good example of what the Company and the Union can do when we understand each other’s needs and work together towards a shared goal.” said District 751 President Tom Wroblewski.

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