Indiana Local 2410 Completes Bargaining Prep Training

Members of the Local 2410 Bargaining Committee took part in a week-long class at the Winpisinger Center to prepare for upcoming negotiations with Grote Industries.

Members of the Local 2410 Bargaining Committee recently traveled to the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Southern Maryland for one of the Center’s most unique and popular offerings, the week-long Program titled, Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees.”

Local 2410 in Madison, IN, represents more than 600 employees at Grote Industries, a maker of lighting equipment, wiring harnesses and turn signal equipment. The current contract between Local 2410 and Grote Industries expires on November 28, 2010.

The Winpisinger Center Program provides bargaining committees with an opportunity to develop and refine actual contract proposals and communication strategies while examining the company’s financial performance and prospects.

“I feel more prepared having attended the Negotiating class at Placid Harbor,” said Local 2410 Bargaining Committee member Tammy Owens. “I feel the committee is more united.”

From costing out specific proposals, to drafting contract language, to reviewing company issues and possible proposals, the Program gives committees an opportunity to work together toward the goal of delivering the best contract possible.

In addition to drafting proposals and studying agreements and trends throughout the industry, the Local 2410 Committee took part in a simulated bargaining session where Center staff challenged the committee to defend their proposals. “It can be intense and even confrontational, but the idea is to better prepare committees for the live fire atmosphere of real negotiations,” said Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner.

“I believe that each participant got to know each other better during the class assignments,” said District 90 BR Gerald Stone, who worked with the committee throughout the class. “The committee left with a dedication and a commitment from each other that the membership comes first.”

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