Indiana’s Republican-controlled House Votes for RTW

Republicans in the Indiana House of Representatives dealt working Hoosier families a major blow this week by ramming through right-to-work (for less) legislation.

The Indiana House voted 55-44 to make Indiana the first right-to-work state in the Rust Belt.

The vote comes after a boycott by Democratic lawmakers who sat out several days over the past three weeks to prevent Republicans, who control the House 60 to 40, from reaching a quorum.

Rigorous studies show right-to-work laws have serious economically-adverse effects on workers and their families. They reduce wages by $1,500 a year for both union and nonunion workers, lower the likelihood that union and nonunion employees get healthcare or pensions, and have no impact whatsoever on job growth.

Working Hoosiers have been rallying by the thousands in opposition to the right-to-work (for less) issue each day. They plan to keep fighting as the legislation now moves back to the state Senate, where it’s expected to be taken up and voted on next week.

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