Is IKEA the next Wal-Mart?

The Global Union Federation, Builders and Woodworkers International and its U.S. affiliate, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), are today launching a global campaign to educate workers and consumers about human and labor rights abuses at IKEA suppliers. 

The initial focus of the campaign is on working conditions at Swedwood, an IKEA-owned subsidiary in Danville, Virginia. Workers and consumers are urged to send a pointed message to IKEA Chief Executive Officer and President Mikael Ohlsson.

A card and letter can be found at:

Among the issues at Swedwood are: dangerous working conditions; forced overtime; discriminatory work practices; high injury rates and harassment of union organizers.

Additional information about abuses at Swedwood and the campaign to bring all IKEA facilities into compliance with International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines can be found at:

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