It’s Your Turn Lawmakers

“With the help of the IAM’s Legislative Department, the Machinists Union is literally doing everything in its power to save the jobs of the hundreds of men and women about to be laid off at Red River Army Depot,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin. “But we need Congress to step in and do their part. It should be their desire to make sure this work stays puts and, in essence, helps America’s communities thrive and succeed in places like Texarkana, Texas.”

This sentiment formed the outline for the letter sent by the IAM to lawmakers in both Texas and Arkansas, in an effort to bring future work to the Red River Army Depot. Right now, nearly 600 union jobs, both IAM and NFFE, have been eliminated as working men and women receive their layoff letters daily.  The consequences of this action will be felt for years in the region, at both kitchen tables and the communities of those affected.

“It’s heartbreaking to watch this happen here at a facility that takes care of our U.S. military servicemen and women while our elected lawmakers turn a blind eye to the situation. I can tell you, our members are not taking this situation lightly,” said Kelvin Godwin, Directing Business Representative of IAM District W2.

Every day, Machinist and NFFE union members are using their personal time and vacation to take action in their states.  Some are visiting their lawmakers at local offices, while others have taken to the phones.  Their message to these political leaders is sincerely clear – “we did our jobs at Red River, now it’s time to do yours.”

To view the letter sent by the IAM, click here.

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