Jackson, Chartrand Named to Canadian Territory Staff

Scott Jackson
David Chartrand

IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger has appointed District Lodge 78 Business Representative/Organizer Scott R. Jackson and District 11 Directing Business Representative/Organizer David Chartrand to serve as Special Representatives to the Canadian Territory, effective January 1, 2014.

Scott Jackson has been an IAM member since 1983 when he began a machinist apprenticeship at Messier Dowty in Ajax, Ontario, just east of Toronto. Jackson is a longtime member of IAM Local 905, where he has served as Shop Steward and Chief Steward. In 2002, he became the organizer for District 78. Over the past decade, Jackson has also served as President of the Ontario Provincial Council of Machinists (OPCM).

“Organizing is not an easy job. It takes a special individual to make workers lose their fear of employer retaliation and want to join a union to better their lives. Scott Jackson is one of those people,” said IAM CanADIAN gvp dAVE Ritchie. “His work mentoring members of District 78 to become organizers is outstanding and much of the organizing success the district has had since 2002 is due to his hard work and his ability to communicate with workers.”

David Chartrand became a member of IAM Local 712 in Montreal in 1990, working at Bombardier Aerospace as a sheet metal worker and assemblyman. He served as Shop Steward in 1995, President of Shop Committee in 2001 and President of Local 712 in 2003. He became President and Directing Business Representative of District 11 in 2006 and was appointed to the Grand Lodge Resolution Committee in 2012 after convention.
“To watch David Chartrand converse with members in both official languages is something to behold. He can communicate switching from French to English and back again effortlessly. He’s a great communicator,” said Ritchie. “He instills trust with the members that he will address their concerns and he has the respect of the employers he deals with. This is definitely as asset when trying to organize workers in Quebec.”

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