Jeff Grim Chosen to Lead IAM Worksite Benefits Program

05 08 2014 jeffgrimThe IAM’s supplemental insurance provider, Employee Benefit Systems (EBS), has tapped Jeffrey “Jeff” Grim to lead EBS’s nationally successful Machinists Custom Choices Worksite Benefits Program.

Grim, 42, is a Marine Corps veteran and proven leader in the worksite insurance industry.

“The board of directors of EBS are excited to have one of the country’s innovators at the helm in not only continuing coverage to its existing policy holders, but also in moving forward to provide more innovative leadership in examining all aspects of products that are of benefit to members of the IAM and future policy holders,” EBS announced in a statement.

The Machinists Custom Choices Worksite Program administers supplemental insurance options including permanent life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income and more to IAM members and their families at more than 100 companies. It was first offered to the IAM’s railroad district in 1996 and then expanded to the entire union at the 2000 Grand Lodge Convention.

Click here to learn more about the Machinists Custom Choices Worksite Program.

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