John Kerry Super Tuesday

John Kerry Swamps Super Tuesday Elections

March 3, 2004
Senator John Kerry won 9 out of 10 primary elections on Tuesday, March 2. The only state that Kerry did not win was Vermont which was won by Howard Dean. As a result of the outstanding showing by Senator Kerry, Senator John Edwards is now withdrawing from the Presidential race.

The overwhelmingly heavy vote in favor of Senator Kerry in almost every state shows that he is the individual that can beat President Bush in November. John Kerry has the ability and support to be a strong candidate and his proven record in support of working families makes him a person that all TCU members can get behind and help become our next President.

The campaign will now take on a new tone as Senator Kerry will be able to devote his entire energy pointing out the short comings of the Bush Administration and its failure to help working men and women. Together we must turn our entire efforts to supporting the campagin of Senator Kerry.

President Scardelletti said in commenting on the Super Tuesday results, "we now have the clear opportunity to work with our endorsed candidate to accomplish our number one priority–the removal of President Bush from the White House." President Scardelletti has urged all TCU members to be sure to register to vote and to see to it that every eligible member of their families is also registered to vote.

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