John Kerry WIll Be a transportation Workers’ President

John Kerry Will Be A Transportation Workers’ President
May 16, 2004 – Earlier this year the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO sent a transportation questionnaire to President Bush and Senator John Kerry. The following are excerpts from the questionnaire returned by Senator Kerry:

Will you support and fully fund multi-year federal investment in Amtrak?
Yes, I will support a multi-year reauthorization with funding levels equal to or greater than what the Senate proposed for this fiscal year.

Will you oppose legislative proposals designed to break-up and sell-off Amtrak?
I will oppose any legislation that would break apart Amtrak or privatize it outright.

Will you oppose any proposals to repeal or roll-back the longstanding employee protections afforded to freight railroad workers in the federal government’s review of proposed economic transactions such as mergers and acquisitions by and between rail carriers?
As President, I will ensure that freight railroad employees are afforded full protections in the context of a review of a proposed merger. I will also ensure that the STB and other appointed administration officials carry out their responsibilities in a manner that protects employee rights.

Will you make it the policy of your Administration that in any reauthorization of the federal transit programs, 13(c) protections shall continue to apply throughout the entire federal mass transit program?
My administration will include 13(c) protections in any reauthorization of federal transit programs, regardless of how it is financed.

This is a small example of the answers furnished by Senator Kerry. If you would like a copy of the entire questionnaire and Senator Kerry’s responses contact TCU’s Legislative Department.

It is obvious that Senator Kerry will support those issues of most concern to TCU members. As President, he will be a good friend of all working people—something that we have not had in the White House for the past 3-1/2 years.

As of this date President Bush has not responded to the TTD questionnaire.

Working Americans need John Kerry for President. Be active—register to vote—work for John Kerry—vote.

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