Kaiser Family Foundation Poll Examines ‘War on Women’

A new poll from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that American women increasingly believe there is a “war against women” underway in the United States. According to KFF poll, three in ten women believe there is a wide-scale effort to limit women’s reproductive health choices and services.

That war is being led by the GOP and presumptive GOP candidate Mitt Romney, said the Obama campaign at a recent Women for Obama “National Women’s Leadership Briefing” attended by the IAM Women’s and Human Rights Department.

Citing Gov. Romney’s recent gaffes, statements and gubernatorial record regarding such issues as equal pay, women’s health care, the economy and education, the Obama campaign provided a contrasting overview of the president’s accomplishments for women and families.

“Women recognize that President Obama has shown a commitment to leveling the playing field since his first days in office,” said the Women for Obama team. “From signing the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to appointing two women to the Supreme Court to championing historic health reform, which will prevent insurance companies from charging women more than men for the same coverage, President Obama has proven he is a strong advocate for women and a defender of the issues that are important to them and their families.”

“Working women want a candidate they can trust,” said Diane Babineaux, Chief of Staff to the IAM International President. “They want a candidate who’s willing to take a stand against paycheck discrimination, who’s willing to fight for their jobs, their future, their health care and their families.”

According to Kaiser, more than half of female registered voters say they trust President Obama more to “look out for the best interest of women,” while only a quarter picked Romney. The study also shows that like their male counterparts, female voters continue to focus on the economy and job creation as their top election concern.

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