Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Kathleen Sebelius On the Issues:

• Kathleen Sebelius has said creating jobs and opportunity for the people of Kansas begins with government setting an example of fiscal discipline and choosing the right priorities.
• Governor Sebelius has worked to stabilize Kansas’ traditional agricultural economy, and encourage expansion in other bedrock industries like aviation and energy. She continues to reinforce Kansas’ economic anchors by working to create new markets for beef, grain, and technology both at home and overseas.

Health Insurance:
• Kathleen Sebelius was named one of America’s “100 Most Powerful People in Health Care” by Modern Healthcare magazine.
• While Kathleen Sebelius has been Governor, the State of Kansas streamlined and consolidated its health care purchasing into a single division, all under one roof – allowing Kansas to secure the most competitive prices for state-provided health insurance by maximizing the state’s purchasing power.
• Governor Sebelius has also organized a Cost Containment Commission of business leaders, health care providers, private insurers, and patient advocates in an effort to rein-in skyrocketing health care costs.

• Governor Sebelius has ordered a series of privately-funded audits of local school district spending – to identify education dollars wasted on unnecessary administrative expenses, and get more tax dollars flowing directly into Kansas classrooms. The Governor also has new plans to promote character education in Kansas schools – so students build both strong minds and strong principles.

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