Klima, Hannah Named to Key Transportation Department Posts

Tim Klima

IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger today announced the appointment of Grand Lodge Representative Tim Klima as an additional Airline Coordinator for the 100,000 plus member Transportation Department. A 32 year IAM veteran and former Northwest Airlines employee, Klima will join Airline Coordinator Tom Brickner and be responsible for the department’s collective bargaining, organizing campaigns and contract administration.

Buffenbarger also announced the appointment of District 141 Assistant General Chairman Kris Hannah as Transportation Department Special Representative.

Kris Hannah

“From nationwide organizing drives to negotiating contracts in the airline industry, Tim and Kris bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will benefit our members,” said Buffenbarger.

Hannah, a former United Airlines employee, initiated into Local Lodge 1833 in Minneapolis in 1988 and held various positions, including Trustee, Organizer, Ramp Committee and Committee Chairman. Hannah also was District 141 Director of Education from 2008-2012.

Both appointments are effective January 1, 2013.

“The Transportation Department has undergone colossal changes during the past decade, ranging from bankruptcies to mergers and the ensuing organizing opportunities,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “I am confident these appointments will strengthen our ability to organize new members and respond to the challenges that are certain to come.”

The Transportation Department is currently engaged in several major negotiations, including seven separate agreements for 35,000 members at United Airlines, three agreements at US Airways, Southwest Airlines and Foreign Flag carriers. Preparations have also begun for upcoming negotiations on behalf of Alaska Airlines members. Additionally, the department has multiple organizing campaigns underway, including Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants and Ground Employees.

“The amount of simultaneous bargaining and organizing drives necessitates a second Airline Coordinator in the Transportation Department to effectively manage each negotiation and campaign to a successful conclusion for our members,” said Pantoja.

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