Labor Heads to Polls on Election Day 2014

It’s Election Day, and millions of working families are making their voices heard in pivotal federal, state and local elections. Our vote determines the balance of power in the halls of Congress and our state legislatures and, ultimately, whether working people win on issues like raising the minimum wage, equal pay and stopping anti-union right-to-work laws.

If you haven’t voted – go vote! Click here to find out when and where to vote and who will be on your ballot. If you’ve already voted, make a call to remind your friends and neighbors to get to the polls, too.

Across the country, IAM members have been phone banking, canvassing and recruiting volunteers for candidates who will fight for working people. Watch a Machinists News Network video about IAM members in Ohio who know the importance of this year’s election.

“I think about Social Security. I think about Medicare. I think about all the things that are going to be important to me in five or six years,” said Mary Ellen Napier, a member of IAM District 54. Napier said she’s supporting candidates who “want to help the Average Joe, not the guy who’s making millions and millions.”

For Jim McClelland, a District 54 member and military veteran, “standing up for the workers of America is really part of my job.”

Stay up-to-date on the latest election results and what it means for working families on the AFL-CIO’s Election Day live blog. Use the hashtag #1uEDay to join the conversation on social media.

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