Latest GDA/TLC 31 Guns in 31 Days Raffle Winners

The Southern Territory and Woodworkers Department 31 Guns in 31 Days Raffle drawing.

A winner was drawn every day in December. The raffle benefitted Guide Dogs of America/Tender Loving Canines (GDA).

Dec. 1: Ivan Martin
Dec. 2: Mark New
Dec. 3: John Pierce
Dec. 4: Don Barker
Dec. 5: Bob Martinez
Dec. 6: Tim Sawyer
Dec. 7: Michelle Barnwell
Dec. 8: Rickey Wallace
Dec. 9: Christopher Lenzi
Dec. 10: Romaine Anderson
Dec. 11: Doug Conquest
Dec. 12: Robel Smith
Dec. 13: Rick Peggins
Dec. 14: Reona Dixon
Dec. 15: Joe Wisdem
Dec. 16: Brian Wichmer
Dec. 17: Brad Fowler
Dec. 18: Johnny Jones
Dec. 19: Tim Ryan
Dec. 20: Steve Galloway
Dec. 21: Tony Blevins
Dec. 22: Wesley Jones
Dec. 23: Wendell Dean
Dec. 24: Robbie Hendrick
Dec. 25: Bill Ludovissie
Dec. 26: Mark Blondin
Dec. 27: Kelvin Godwin
Dec. 28: Steve Passmore
Dec. 29: Brian Bryant
Dec. 30: Wayne Harvey
Dec. 31: Jason Okamura

Click here for the list of guns in the raffle.

Daily winners were posted on the IAM Southern Territory and the Machinists Wood, Pulp & Paper Council’s Facebook pages.

Last year, GDA completed a merger with Tender Loving Canines, and now provides hardworking service dogs for people who are blind/visually impaired, veterans, and individuals with autism to become trusted companions that bring confidence, independence, and mobility. 

The organization’s services are provided free of charge to residents in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information on Guide Dogs of America, visit

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