Layoff Helper

To: All Union Presidents


From: Leslie Tolf, President, Union Privilege


Date: October 2, 2001


Subject: Layoff Helpline for Credit Card and Loan Holders


cc: Union Privilege Liaisons


Because of the tragic attacks of September 11 and worsening economic conditions, business closings and layoffs are impacting thousands of union members with many more job losses expected. The Union Plus Credit Card and Loan programs have established a Layoff Helpline to assist union members who may experience difficulties making payments on their Union Plus accounts due to a temporary or permanent layoff.

This new benefit is available to credit card and loan program participants, and is in addition to the Interest Free Disaster Relief Loan and other assistance for program participants we have recently announced.

Members who call the Layoff Helpline will speak with a specialist who will evaluate their situation and determine the best short or long-term solution to help them during this difficult time. The phone numbers for program participants are:

  •  Union Plus Credit Card Layoff Helpline: 1-800-551-2873
  •  Union Plus Loan Program Layoff Helpline: 1-800-365-1328

The bank specialist will determine what assistance the member qualifies for on a case-by-case basis based upon the member?s account history, payment history and credit record. The following help is available:

  •  Skip payment options
  •  Interest rate reductions
  •  Short- term hardship programs
  •  Long-term hardship programs
  •  Account settlements
  •  Credit counseling

We will continue to work to address the needs of members. Please see information on all the assistance available to union members at our web site at 

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