LCLAA Looking for Testimonials from Latino IAM Members

Members of District Lodge 776 and the Tarrant County (TX) chapter of LCLAA (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement) participate in a parade and rally celebrating the birthday of Cesar Chavez through downtown Fort Worth, TX.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) is putting together a new report about how unions can positively impact the lives of Latinos. They’re looking for stories from IAM members to feature in their new report.

For a limited time, two of the first 25 testimonials will be eligible to win a $100 airline voucher each, courtesy of Southwest Airlines – the Official Airline of LCLAA, and a copy of the report with a LCLAA t-shirt and pin. All submissions must be made by Monday, August 10, 2015. (Note: Multiple testimonies sent in by one person/group/entity will be considered as one entry into the contest and ineligible to win both $100 vouchers.)

“I hope our members will take this opportunity to tell their stories,” said IAM Headquarters General Vice President Bob Martinez. “Latino IAM members are playing an ever-increasing role in the union and the labor movement. Their voices should be heard.”

Share your experience responding to any one of these questions by clicking here.

  1. How has being a union member affected your life? Or, how has being part of a union and LCLAA affected your life?
  2. Why is it important for Latinos to join unions?
  3. Describe an experience where an organizing or a union contract improved your working conditions?
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