Legal Scholars Oppose Disclosure of NLRB Documents

Last week, a group of 34 law and labor academics sent a letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) urging him to stop interfering with the National Labor Relations Board’s law enforcement proceeding against the Boeing Company.  The professors assert that Issa’s request for documents serves little oversight purpose, but is instead a thinly-veiled attempt to help Boeing by weakening an ongoing law enforcement case against the company.   Read the professors’ full letter here:

“We are particularly concerned because the documents at issue relate to a case currently being tried before an Administrative Law Judge in Seattle, Washington,” said the professors’ letter. “We therefore strongly urge the committee to let this case proceed according to policies established in the National Labor Relations Act without further interference.”

According to the legal professors, Issa’s document requests are an abuse of his powers as committee chairman and have the potential to influence the case and give Boeing an unfair advantage.

“…we are troubled by recent news reports that Members of the Committee have allowed confidential documents to be shared publicly on at least two occasions… leaking of these documents could also lead to access by the defendant, thereby providing the Boeing Corp. with an unfair advantage, or an invalidation of the Complaint,” said the professors.

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