Letterkenny Contract Workers Set To Vote Thursday

IAM District 1 Directing Business Representative Danny Chmelko (center), Grand Lodge Representative Gary Anthony (standing) and Apprentice Organizer Chuck Herod (front) meet with Bowhead workers and supporters.

Nearly 1,000 workers employed by Bowhead Support Group, LLC at Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA will vote Thursday, July 30, whether to join the IAM. The election comes months after organizers were contacted and established a local union office to conduct informational meetings.

Organizers, supporters and volunteers recently converged on the area to conduct a “blitz” by house calling employees, and discuss concerns and answer questions.

“Meeting with the employees at home was extremely important,” said IAM Grand Lodge Representative Gary Anthony. “With the recent heightened security measures, access to workers in certain locations was difficult. We worked to overcome that and not only maintained our momentum, but doubled our efforts. As we began our blitz, we managed to add to that momentum by picking up more authorization cards.”

The focus now turns to reminding employees to vote on Thursday.

“As we head into the final days before Thursday’s vote, the focus will be reminding workers to come out and do just that,” continued Anthony.

Workers at Bowhead Support Group weld, machine, and repair vehicles, equipment. They are covered under the Service Contract Act (SCA).

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