Life and Death on the Job

The hundreds of bricks surrounding the IAM Workers’ Memorial at the William W. Winpisinger (WWW) Center, each inscribed with a name and a date, are poignant reminders of how lethal going to work can be.

A new IAM video, “The Way We Came to Work,” provides vivid and personal accounts from members who lost spouses and loved ones to workplace tragedies.

Struggling with emotion, Karen Lubanty described the last time she saw her husband Walter alive. “He kissed me goodbye, told me he would call me at work later. He kissed Jennifer goodbye. And that was it. He never came home.”

The video also describes the important work of the IAM Safety & Health Department and includes interviews with IAM instructors and local lodge safety representatives at a recent WWW Center class.

Summing up the goal of IAM members at work, Safety & Health Project Coordinator and Instructor Steve Fowee put it bluntly, “We want to go home the way we came to work. We want to retire the way we started working. That’s it,” said Fowee. “That’s the goal for Safety and Health.”

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