Lobby Week 05

TCU Representatives Join Rail Labor in Amtrak Lobby Week

Fourteen TCU representatives joined 50 other rail labor representatives in Washington, D.C. the week of May 23 for Amtrak Rail Lobby Week.

The Amtrak Action Alliance held a lobby week for the express purpose of saving Amtrak. Each of the unions involved in the Alliance was asked to bring members into Washington D.C. in order to take this message to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

TCU representatives from around the country walked the Halls of Congress in support of Amtrak. They also handed out flyers to the traveling public at Union Station. These representatives were from System Board No. 86, Amtrak System Division No. 250, and ARASA as well as from the Grand Lodge.

International Vice President and National Legislative Director Bob Davis commented that, “with the 60 plus representatives who participated in this lobby week we were able to take our message all over Capital Hill.” Davis continued by saying that he believes we solidified our supporters and gained some support from those who are on the fence.

Additional lobby weeks may be planned in the future as the Amtrak battle continues in the Congress.

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