Local 1529 Machinists Revive Flooded NY Factory

amphenol plant

After massive flooding inundated the community, IAM Local 1529 members in Sidney, NY worked around the clock to get Amphenol Aerospace back in operation.

When recent flood waters engulfed the 700,000-square-foot Amphenol Aerospace plant in Sidney, NY, members of Local 1529 immediately returned to the facility in canoes, rowboats and worked non-stop to clean up and get the plant back in business.

Despite losing their own homes and vehicles, the employees brought the facility back to where it is now operating at more than 15 percent capacity. Thanks to their efforts, the facility is expected to resume full production by next month.

“Our members working for Amphenol in New York have shown the courage and spirit that exemplifies a ‘Fighting Machinist,’” said Eastern Territory GVP Lynn Tucker. “They worked day and night to get both the plant and this community back on its feet.” More than 1,200 IAM members work for Amphenol in Sidney, NY.

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