Low-Cost Medications Available for Some Americans

Low-Cost Medications Available for Some Americans

Most major pharmaceutical companies offer prescription drug assistance programs to low income individuals. (Read more) These programs typically require a doctor’s prescription and proof of financial status. Some of them also require that the applicant have no prescription drug insurance benefit.

TCU members who have a parent, other relative or friend that might qualify for one of these programs offering free or nearly free prescription drugs can obtain information by accessing www.helpingpatients.org.

This web site offers a single point of access to more than 150 prescription drug assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies plus information on more than 100 similar programs sponsored by state governments. By entering data on the prescription drugs they need and their financial status, patients are directed to the programs most likely to meet their needs for low cost or free medicines.

Two other useful web sites are www.rxassist.org; and www.rxhope.com.

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