Machinists in Canada Endorse Dewar for NDP Leadership

The IAM announced they are endorsing Paul Dewar for the leadership of Canada’s federal New Democratic Party (NDP).

“We believe Paul Dewar projects our values and those of the average Canadian,” explained IAM Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie. “We were looking for someone that not only can maintain the gains we made in the last federal election but expand on that base in the future. We think Paul can appeal to non-traditional NDP voters as the new party leader. He understands how together with labour, the NDP can build our economy, create well-paying jobs and revive the Canadian middle class which has been under attack for so many years.”

Known as a consensus builder who is relaxed and very approachable, the Winnipeg Free Press says Dewar has all the tools needed to pick up where Jack Layton left off.

“The bottom line is this, who is the person the Conservatives would least like to face in the next federal election? The Machinists think that person is Paul Dewar. We’re behind him 100 percent,” said Ritchie. Building on significant labour support from across Canada, the IAM is the first national union to endorse Dewar.

The IAM represents more than 39,000 members in Canada. They represent workers in the air transport, aerospace, health care and automotive sectors.

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