Machinists in Canada Protest Aerospace Outsourcing

Machinists in Montreal March to protest efforts by Mexican aerospace industry to persuade Canadian firms to move their jobs and facilities to Mexico.


IAM members in Canada took to the streets of Montréal last week to draw public attention to the failure of Canadian lawmakers to respond to an outsourcing symposium being sponsored by the Mexican government

The focal point of the protest will be the Mexico Now aerospace symposium at the Marriot Hotel in Dorval. “This symposium is a clear example of what’s wrong in our industry today,” explained District 11 Directing Business Representative Dave Chartrand. “While Mexico comes into our backyard to promote its own aerospace industry – inviting Canadian aerospace firms to move their facilities south of the border – our governments sit on their hands and do nothing.”

More than 45,000 workers are employed in the aerospace industry in the Montréal area including 13,000 Machinists members at companies such as Bombardier, Rolls Royce and Messier Dowty.

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