Machinists Respond to Washington State Water Proposal

The IAM remains concerned that the fish consumption and water quality standards announced this week by Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee will jeopardize the economic health of the Puget Sound without adding significant improvements to the regions health and environmental quality.

“We hoped the governor would address calls from labor, business and community groups to enact reasonable standards with a realistic chance of being attained,” said IAM Aerospace Coordinator Mark Johnson. “Instead, we have a dramatic increase to the state’s official fish consumption rate, which will drive water quality standards to a level for which there is no technology to achieve.”

“Machinists are concerned that Boeing’s expansion plans in Renton and elsewhere could be hobbled by the new standards,” said Johnson. “The governor is treading on dangerous ground and putting jobs at risk by pandering to outside groups whose interests are not shared by a majority of the state’s citizens.”

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