Machinists Union Welcomes Platform Committee Vote Against Job Killing Trade Deals

Washington, D.C., July 9, 2016 – IAM International President Bob Martinez and fellow members of the Democratic Platform Committee meeting today in Orlando, FL, staked out a bold position on the critical issue of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other international trade deals. In a vote of 117 – 64, the committee declared their unequivocal opposition to any trade agreements that jeopardize worker and environmental protections while failing to support good American jobs.

Immediately following the vote, the Clinton campaign issued a statement welcoming the outcome and reaffirming Hillary Clinton’s opposition to the TPP.

“Hillary Clinton’s position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership is well-established and well-known: she opposes TPP, before or after the election. Hillary Clinton has made clear that she is not interested in tinkering around the margins with TPP and believes we need a new approach to trade that protects American jobs, raises incomes for American workers, and strengthens our national security,” said Clinton Senior Policy Advisor Maya Harris.

“Hillary Clinton stands with us in opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), declared Martinez. “She has clearly said that she opposes it now and in the future. Unlike Donald Trump, she actually means it. Secretary Clinton really cares about working people and opposing job killing trade deals like TPP, is just one of many positions she has taken that demonstrate that she is indeed our champion.”

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