Machinists Vote to Strike Unarco in Tennessee

Holding the Line: Members of Local 1441 in Springfield, TN on strike at Unarco Materials Handling for a share of the success they helped create.

In the wake of a contract offer described  as “low and outside,” over 150 members of Local 1441 in Springfield, TN set up picket lines and commenced a strike to restore lost pay and benefits at Unarco Material Handling.
“In 2009, Unarco was in bad shape financially, and asked for our help to survive,” said Local 1441 Business Representative Mike Lee. “We made big sacrifices that included cuts to pay, pensions and health coverage.”

Thanks in part to workers’ sacrifices, the company recovered and is currently thriving.

“When Unarco needed our help, we were there for them,” said Lee. “Now Unarco is doing great business, as good as they’ve done in many years and our members want to share in that success.”

The rejected proposal from the company failed to restore pay and benefit cuts.

The IAM represents production workers, welders and painters at the Springfield facility, which manufactures pallet racking and warehouse storage systems for distribution centers and retail stores.

“The last strike at Unarco was in 1968,” said Lee. “We’ve been partners with Unarco and we are a productive, skilled workforce that puts out superior products. We’re asking Unarco to do what’s right, and to reward the workforce that worked so hard to put Unarco where it is today.”

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