Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Martin O’ On the Issues:

• Martin O’Malley says Maryland must be an economic center based on first-rate education, technology, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. He believes Maryland has many natural strengths and advantages – in workforce, industry and institutions – that the state must use to create better, higher paying jobs.
• Martin O’Malley has said he wants a state where all families are treated with fairness when it comes to job security, good wages, and real benefits.

Health Care:
• Martin O’Malley says access to health care should be a right – not a privilege. O’Malley and his running mate, Anthony Brown say they share the goal of affordable health care for all Maryland families and understand that without federal leadership the state cannot achieve these goals. They have a  plan that will make significant strides to provide quality and affordable health care to all families at the state level.

• Martin O’Malley says Maryland must return to building a world-class education system and ensure opportunity for all Maryland children. The state needs to focus on giving students, teachers and parents the resources they need to succeed. The state must help our communities and families by ensuring that those resources are used effectively by eliminating bureaucracy and moving money into the classroom.
• Martin O’Malley says Maryland must also invest in early childhood education, where there is potential to make a great difference for long-term educational success.


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