Media Shifts Focus to Jobs Crisis

The need for jobs and our nation’s leaders to address the growing unemployment crisis head-on, without further delay, has dominated headlines in The New York Times in recent days.

“The Obama administration must flesh out its commitment to ensure that economic recovery does not leave middle-class and low-income families behind,” reads an editorial entitled “Wanted: Leadership on Jobs.” “Congress and the administration have not done enough to directly create jobs. That could be done with more stimulus to spur job creation, a large federal jobs program, tax credits for hiring, or all three. Or surprise us. Just don’t pretend that the deteriorating jobs picture will self-correct, or act as if it is tolerable.”

A second article entitled “The G.O.P. Campaign Message in a Word: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” shows the urgency needed by President Obama and Congress to address the problem. The article discusses the Republican party’s plan to use the economic crisis – which Democrats inherited from the previous administration – as fuel to gain back power in the 2010 election.

In August, we reported CNN’s Lou Dobbs began a new series of special reports appropriately titled “Jobs Now!”

The new media focus on jobs signifies a growing concern amongst Americans and reinforces the IAM’s own JOBS Now! campaign. The initiative urges our nation’s leaders to pass more job-creating stimulus and a federal jobs program in order to get the country on the road to recovery. For more information and to urge Congress to support JOBS Now!, click here. Also, join the JOBS Now! cause here on Facebook to help spread the word to your family and friends.

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