Members at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Vote to Join the IAM

On July 31, nine workers employed by Strategic Resources, Inc. (SRI) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM.  The group provides critical support services under a service contract and is responsible for dealing with domestic abuse and assaults involving military families. Each day, this group of powerful women are on the front line of addressing sensitive and difficult issues related to PTSD, depression, and related conditions of our soldiers.

“SRI made this campaign difficult, they fought us at every turn, even to the point of taking us to a hearing on the status of one employee.  They harassed and tried to intimidate at every turn, but these women are amazing – they were not deterred from their mission to join the IAM,” said Western Territory GLR Kevin Cummings, who led the organizing effort.  “We were negotiating a first contract with another SRI group on the base, and set up an informational picket.  They saw us out there, pulled over to talk, and now we have nine new members of the IAM family.”

“I am proud of this win, the employer was difficult and determined.  They hired two law firms to fight us, but in the end we prevailed.  We are pleased to welcome our new sisters, and look forward to delivering a first contract that properly recognizes the tremendous role they play in the service to our military,” said Western Territory GVP Gary Allen.  “There was a lot of work that went into this win, but there is more to do, and I know that we have the right people to do it.  Once again, the IAM proves that we are not intimidated by anyone – and wherever workers call us, we will answer.”

Special thanks goes to Claudio Figueroa, GLR, for his hard work in addressing all of the NLRB charges and taking the lead on the supervisor challenge, and to Wayne Thompson, W24 Business Representative.  The new group will be in IAM District W24, and increases their presence on the military base.

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