Members Urged to ‘Like’ Jeld-Wen Organizing Campaign

In the wake of last year’s successful campaign to organize workers at IKEA’s U.S. facilities, the IAM is launching another international campaign, this time to extend the benefits of IAM membership to employees at the Jeld-Wen (JW) Corporation. JW is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of doors and windows with operations in 21 countries and every IAM Territory.

Key issues in the campaign include unsafe working conditions, abusive and unresponsive management, hostility and surveillance of union supporters and widespread use of temporary workers. It is no surprise JW workers are anxious to improve their working conditions with an IAM contract.

IAM organizers and JW employees recently launched a Facebook page titled ‘Jeld-Wen Justice’ to provide campaign updates as well as information about JW employees’ right to organize without intimidation, discrimination or harassment by company officials.

So, what can YOU do to help?

IAM members can give this important organizing campaign a vital early boost by visiting the Jeld-Wen Justice Facebook page and clicking on the “LIKE” and “SHARE” tabs. If hundreds and then thousands take this simple step, the entire campaign will have the visibility, transparency and benefits that only a strong social media presence can provide.

Unheard of less than a decade ago, communication via Facebook is fast becoming an indispensable component of any multi-state organizing campaign. Open and accessible to all, the Jeld-Wen Justice Facebook page will be closely followed throughout the campaign by JW employees and their supporters, as well as supervisors, managers and senior executives of the international conglomerate.

The Jeld-Wen Justice page will also provide a public forum to urge Jeld-Wen’s Toronto, Canada-based parent company, Onex Corp., to honor U.S. labor law and the International Labor Organization’s Core Labor Standards.  

For more information, please contact William Street, at the IAM Woodworkers Dept. at

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