Mexico Day of Action to Mark Deadly Mine Explosion

The IndustriALL Global Union Executive Committee is calling for an international “Mexico Days of Action” during the week of February 18-24, 2013.

The dates coincide with the tragic Pasta de Conchos mine accident that killed 65 miners in 2006.

The refusal of the Mexican government and Grupo Mexico, Mexico’s largest mining corporation, to recover the bodies of 63 miners who remain entombed is widely known to be an effort to cover up the real causes of the disaster and the inadequacy of rescue efforts. The 65 Pasta de Conchos miners killed by “industrial homicide” symbolize the government-employer complicity in Mexico that is abusing workers’ rights across all industrial sectors and regions of the country.

During the upcoming Days of Action trade unionists will revisit the Mexican Ambassador to their country and push for action on the outstanding International Labour Organization complaint no. 2694 on Protection Contracts, Pasta de Conchos justice and rejecting recent regressive labor law reforms. Actions will also include mobilizations, awareness raising activities, and letter writing to the new Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

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