Michalski to Politicians: ‘Put America Back to Work’

In an op-ed published in the Daily Globe, IAM General Vice President Rich Michalski discusses the need for American politicians “to adopt the policies necessary to cure our chronic and debilitating condition: persistent high unemployment.”

“A full year after the economic recovery officially ended,” writes Michalski, “American workers continue to lose their jobs at an alarming rate. Exports are falling, imports are surging.”

Michalski said with the elections and the politicking over, now is the time “for responsible leaders to offer concrete economic proposals to create jobs and jumpstart” the economy.

“To pull America out of its economic slump, we must invest aggressively in next-generation transportation such as high-speed rail, encourage small business job creation, strengthen public education and make college more affordable,” said Michalski.

Click here for Michalski’s complete article.

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