Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Granholm On the Issues:

• Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan has developed a $6 billion comprehensive and aggressive economic plan called Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow. She says the Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow economic plan will create jobs and boost Michigan’s economy without sacrificing the quality of life of working families. The plan is designed to protect the jobs Michigan has, create new jobs now, create the jobs Michigan needs for future, and invest in the education and health of Michigan’s people.

Health Insurance:
• Jennifer Granholm has proposed a new health care plan to provide access to affordable health insurance to more than 500,000 uninsured citizens. She says the Michigan First Health Care Plan will make affordable private health plans available to small business employees, the self-employed, and the working poor without access to traditional employer-based health insurance or government-run programs.

• Under Jennifer Granholm’s leadership, state funding for K-12 public education is at an all-time high of $6,875 per pupil, and she is proposing an additional increase in her 2007 budget to bring per-pupil funding to $7,075.
• The Granholm administration conducted a comprehensive review of higher education needs and goals for the state of Michigan. The blue-ribbon Cherry Commission produced a document citing 19 recommendations for change in Michigan’s education system to help Michigan transition into the new 21st century knowledge-based economy.

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