Midwest Locals Awarded $249,756 in FMCS Grants

L-R Jim Reid, GLR HPWO Partnerships Dept.; Dan Gallagher, Vice President – Gallagher Asphalt and Training Fund Trustee; Louie Longhi, Training Fund Instructor; Sam Cicinelli, ADBR Local 701 and Training Fund Trustee; Robert Keppler, DBR Local 701; Armando Arreola, Local 701 BR and Training Fund Trustee

IAM locals in the Midwest territory were recently awarded grants totaling $249,756 from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS). The IAM High Performance Work Organization (HPWO) Partnerships Department assisted Local 1260 in New Holstein, WI and Local 701 in Chicago, IL in the development and submission of their grants.

Local 1260 and Amerequip Corporation, Kiel WI, were awarded a grant of $57,025 to strengthen employee skills and improve the internal training environment as Amerequip seeks to expand the workforce.

Mechanics Local 701 Training Fund, Chicago, IL, were awarded a grant of $82,968 to develop mechanic training programs and assist represented employers in maintaining qualified IAM members at their locations. The Training Fund will also develop a curriculum for entry level employment for those choosing these careers and outline a pathway to follow to learn how to properly and safely repair the equipment in the industry.

Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership, IAM Local 1916 in Milwaukee, WI, USW Local 3740 and UAW 469 in Milwaukee, WI, were awarded $109,763 to develop a series of workshops covering green energy opportunities, best practices in manufacturing and training initiatives.

One of the goals is to implement a minimum of 20 new labor-management committees throughout the state focused on applying the developed technical assistance plan to their respective firms.

The IAM HPWO Partnerships Department will continue work with these grantees to share best practices and training tools.

For more information about FMCS services and grants visit their website at http://www.fmcs.gov/internet/index.asp

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