Minnesota Machinists to Deliver for Gulf Clean Up

Example of oil boom using chain provided by IAM members of Local 1030 in Winona, MN.

The members of Winona Chain Makers Lodge 1030 in Winona, MN, have put it in high gear to deliver one million feet of chain for the “booms” used to clean up the Gulf oil spill. The chain is used to hold the booms in place during the clean-up operations.

“Our members have stepped up to the plate and worked additional hours in order to get the job done. They understand the vital importance of protecting our environment,” said District 66 Directing Business Representative Rick Mickschl. “Just think… 1 million feet of chain is roughly 190 miles of chain.”

In a recent letter to employees, Peerless Chain President / CEO Tom Wynn said, “Our team has a great opportunity to assist in the clean up of the Gulf oil spill. Our swift action will help reduce the devastating environmental and economical impacts of the accident. We have been asked to provide over a million feet of chain to be used in the oil booms required for the massive effort to contain and clean up the over 4 million barrels of spilled oil.”

The 190 IAM members at Peerless Chain work in assembly, production and maintenance. Peerless Chain makes all types and sizes of industrial chain.

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