NAFTA: A Second Chance to Get it Right on Trade

In a new Toronto Star opinion article, IAM International President Bob Martinez and Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall clearly state what must emerge from a renegotiated NAFTA.

“We know how important fair trade is to the economies of our two great nations and our members’ livelihoods,” said Martinez and Pickthall. “We also know the damage wrought by unfair trade rules like those that exist in the NAFTA, CETA, CAFTA, KORUS and other trade agreements.”

As representatives engage in the sixth round of negotiations January 23–28, 2018 in Montreal, the two union leaders emphasized the importance of including true labor standards in any new agreement.

“Negotiators must not settle for a labor provision that copies what was proposed in the TPP,” said Martinez and Pickthall. “It is time negotiators get serious about implementing a labor provision that raises labor standards for all workers.”

Read the complete Toronto Star op-ed.

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