National C-17 Organizing Campaign Shows Results

The IAM campaign to organize more than 300 employees working on Boeing’s C-17 Globemaster III program is beginning to pay dividends with organizing wins in Oklahoma, South Carolina,  Mississippi, Delaware, New Jersey, California and Washington state.

Following a series of recent elections, more than 230 Pilot Instructors, Loadmaster Instructors and Simulator Technicians will become IAM members and eligible for significant improvements in wages and benefits negotiated under Service Contract Act (SCA) guidelines.

“The Instructors and Technicians on these bases are highly-skilled professionals, and the only way to win wages and benefits equal to their colleagues across the country is by having a union to negotiate,” said District 171 Business Representative Tony Bennett, who helped guide the successful campaign at Altus Air Force Base in Altus, OK.

The multi-state, multi-territory organizing drive has been a joint effort coordinated through the IAM Aerospace and Organizing Departments, working closely with district and territory organizers.

At McChord Air Force Base near Tacoma, WA, all 41 Boeing employees voted unanimously for IAM representation, a testament to the level of interest and the efforts of local district and territorial personnel involved.

“These are hard economic times, but IAM membership can still bring improvements to wages, benefits and working conditions to Service Contract employees,” said District 751’s Organizing Director, Jesse Cote II.  “It also brings a measure of job security and levels the playing field between the current employer (Boeing) and other companies that might compete for the contract in the future.”

The IAM is widely acknowledged as a leader in contracts negotiated under SCA guidelines.

“Unlike other organizing campaigns, these drives have not been adversarial,” added Bennett. “This is about making sure the company and government can keep the people with the high skills required on the job. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“We represent thousands of Service Contract workers, and I want to welcome our newest members,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez. “I look forward to our skilled representatives working closely with these workers negotiate good, strong IAM contracts.”

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