National Call-in Day for Jobs Now

The ‘Jobs for America Now’ coalition is hosting a National Call-in Day on February 23, 2010, to urge members of Congress to support a full year extension of unemployment insurance and COBRA subsidies. Click here for more information and call-in instructions as well as tips how to make your call as effective as possible.

Cutting off unemployment benefits will cause even more job loss and service reductions in our communities—up to 800,000 jobs nationwide if benefits are not extended through the end of 2010. Already, more than 30 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed.

In addition to providing aid to families struggling to cope with the worst recession in decades, unemployment benefits are also a proven method of stimulating the economy. That’s because every $1 of unemployment insurance benefits that is spent results in $1.69 in economic stimulus in the community. Call now to urge Congress to act now to prevent the lifelines that families and our communities need from being cut off.

Jobs for America Now is a nationwide campaign of more than 60 groups organizing to put America back to work. For a complete list of participating organizations, visit

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